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HIICOM will offer free line rental for life, a reliable connection and someone to take care of a full business phone system for you.

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Tailored to fit you

Our business phone systems have no fixed price, as each package is completely tailored to your company, so you’ll never pay for services you simply don’t need. The price you pay will depend on factors such as the number of extensions in your office, additional equipment and software plus any other options you may choose.

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Ericsson-LG Reseller

We are a licensed LG Ericsson IPCS reseller, HIICOM are able to offer you personalised package based on industry and personal requirements with a range of the market leading equipment so you lead from the front to leave your competition behind.

In-House Sales Training

Let’s Make Things Happen

Currently our operating HQ is in Lincolnshire but we have consultants all over the country so no place is never too far away.

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