How Will The 2027 Landline Switchoff Affect My Businesses

  • ISDN is going – Everybody needs to move to a version of SIP or VoIP for their voice connectivity.

  • Implications of analogue lines – They are part of the WLR network and in line with the key dates, analogue will no longer be available after 2027

What is the ISDN Digital switch off?

The Openreach ISDN switch off announcement in 2015 made it clear that they would stop taking new ISDN orders in 2020, with a view to switching-off and deactivating its ISDN network completely in 2027. This means that all copper services currently used for voice will stop working from this point – ISDN, PSTN and Multi-line. The copper will remain but just for data services like FTTC, which is fibre from the green cabinet and copper to your premises.

The telephone network in the UK has been in use since 1876 and has become old, tired and increasingly costly to maintain or to fix when things break. It is being replaced with modern technology fit for the digital world we now live in.

Does this affect me?

If you have a phone system that was installed more than 3 years ago and you have the ability to take more than one call at a time, it’s likely that you will be using an ISDN line to communicate with the rest of the world.

Depending on your provider, there should be a reference to ISDN on your bill. Unfortunately, many telecoms companies make customer bills difficult to understand or they hide the information in different text. If it is unclear if you are using an ISDN or PSTN line then reply to the email and we will be able to tell you quickly whether you are using an ISDN line or not.

Currently there are 3,000,000 businesses still using ISDN lines. You might think because your are not with BT this doesn’t affect you but unless you are direct with Virgin you will be using a BT phone line. If you know you are in the cloud, using SIP lines or on a VOIP system the good news is your already set for the change. If VOIP cloud or SIP do not look familiar to you there is a strong chance you are on the old technology and need to start looking into moving over ASAP before prices increase.

Why Hii Com?

Does this mean my bills are going to increase?


We equip marketing leaders

Having the new technology with HIICOM will actually decrease your monthly expenditure on your telephony if you go for a like for like system. The great news is there are plenty of additional benefits of being internet based too which we will include for free. On hold marketing, call recording and a mobile app to use on the go or if unable to make it into the office.

Is it easy to change over my system?


It is very stress free for yourself and you get to keep your existing numbers too as we understand they are vital for your business. Even if you are still in a contract we can help you. We are a wholesaler of BT so you get the same product but at a cheaper price and a superior service.

If you believe you will be effected by the switch off or are looking for a comparison to your current VOIP system and would like to speak with us about how we can help you with the switch and save you money at the same time then please get a no obligation free quote now or fill out an equiry form to get a director to come visit you.

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